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About SMC

SMC is an innovative, dependable, quality manufacturer of specialist masts and antennas that are built to perform in any environment. With manufacturing facilities in the UK (Hampshire) and US (Florida) and a rich heritage of more than 60 years of experience, we are trusted to deliver critical communications solutions for some of the world’s biggest organizations.

  • Design and manufacturers of specialist masts and antennas for any application
  • Manufacturing bases in the UK (Hampshire) and US (Florida)
  • Trusted to deliver critical communications solutions for some of the world’s biggest organizations
  • A rich heritage of over 60 years
  • All Quality Assurance is carried out by hand and our after-sales support is exemplary
  • Our focus is on customer service and providing the most cost-effective long-term solutions
Design and manufacturing in UK and USA
ISO & CE marked
Product and systems testing
Integrated manufacturing systems
CAD and FEA design
Full technical support for products in the field
Service maintenance and spares
Audited export control procedures
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Hilomast, LLC founded in 2003 has built on the foundation of SMC’s (South Midland Communiations) 60+ years of experience in the Mast and Antenna industry. It has continued to innovate in design, support, and service to generate efficiency and provide effective solutions to its customers since its foundation in 2003. Its mission statement is to leverage our engineering and manufacturing expertise across the industry to provide effective solutions and empower innovation.


SMC manufacture and design the CTS brand of HF broadband ferrite matching transformers, hybrids, multicouplers, filters and associated products introduced by CTS since its formation in 1987. The business and products of Minns Baluns Ltd was absorbed into the range in 1998. All enquires for products on this website (www.ctsminns.co.uk) should be addressed to SMC. Our sales team will be more than happy to chat with you regarding your requirements.

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