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8 Advantages of the World’s First One-Action Release Mast

Introducing the ground-breaking Ultralock range of automatic locking masts, designed exclusively for the defence sector although broadly applicable to the commercial sectors as well.

Equipped with a world’s first one-action release lowering mechanism, these masts are engineered to excel in the most demanding environments.




Each section is fortified with a tri-pin automatic locking mechanism, eliminating the risk of collar slippage. This innovative feature empowers the Ultralock mast to support significantly larger head loads for extended durations when guyed in line with our recommendations, ensuring unwavering performance even in the toughest conditions.

Unlike other masts available on the market, the SMC Ultralock offers the unique advantage of swift, one-action retraction. This unparalleled efficiency allows users in the defence sector to swiftly reposition their focus on critical tasks, without being encumbered by time-consuming retraction processes.

In short, here are eight key advantages of the Ultralock mast:

1. No collar slippage: Guaranteed mast stability and reliability in high-stress situations.

2. Increased guy tension: Enhanced support and durability for head loads.

3. Increased stability, head load weight, and maximum operational wind speeds: Ensures superior performance in challenging environments.

4. Improved retracted/extended ratio: Efficient use of storage and deployment space.

5. Sleek mast design: Aesthetically appealing and modern appearance.

6. Superior finish: Demonstrates exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

7. Ease of use: Intuitive operation for seamless deployment and retraction.

8. Reduced twist: Minimised distortion for reliable and accurate performance.

Experience the unrivalled advantages of the Ultralock range and empower your defence operations with a mast solution that sets new standards in reliability, efficiency, and ease of use.

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