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Navigating Procurement Approval as an Engineer: A Guide to Success with Aerospace and Defence Giants

So, you’ve found an SMC product you like the look of for that project you’re working on, but you’re not sure how to get it signed off – what should you do?

As an engineer, project manager or buyer seeking procurement approval from esteemed aerospace and defence companies, the process can be both exciting and challenging.

Being part of these industry giants’ supply chain opens up tremendous opportunities for professional growth and contributions to cutting-edge projects. But as an individual working for a large corporate, how do you navigate procurement approval? If you’re new to this, we’ve outlined some key pieces of advice that may help you make your case to buy that mast.


Understand the Procurement Process

Before embarking on the procurement journey, take the time to understand the specific process and guidelines set by the target company. Each organisation may have its unique approach to selecting vendors or internal projects. Reach out to your company’s procurement or sourcing department to grasp the steps involved, the documentation required, and the evaluation criteria.


Align with Company Values and Expertise

Aerospace and defence giants place great importance on aligning with companies and internal projects that share their core values and expertise. Ensure your proposal or project is in sync with your target company’s vision and mission. Demonstrate how your engineering skills and project objectives align with their areas of expertise and ongoing projects.


Collaborate and Leverage Internal Resources

Procurement approval is not a one-person show. Collaborate with colleagues, supervisors, and experts in your organisation to strengthen your proposal. Leverage internal resources, such as past successful projects, technological advancements, or unique capabilities, to make your submission more compelling and well-rounded.


Showcase Technical Competence and Innovation

Engineers play a pivotal role in the aerospace and defence sectors, where technical competence and innovation are highly prized. Showcase your technical prowess, relevant experience, and problem-solving abilities in your proposal. Demonstrate how your engineering solutions can optimise processes, reduce costs, or enhance performance, ultimately adding value to the company’s projects.


Address Regulatory Compliance and Security Protocols

The aerospace and defence industry is subject to strict regulatory requirements and security protocols. Ensure that your project or proposal complies with all applicable standards and regulations. Address how you will maintain confidentiality, protect intellectual property, and adhere to export controls, where relevant.


Emphasise Long-term Benefits and Sustainability

Procurement decisions often involve long-term partnerships or projects. Highlight the long-term benefits of your engineering proposal and how it aligns with the target company’s sustainability goals. Demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement and support can foster trust and confidence in your abilities.


Stay Proactive and Engaged

Throughout the procurement approval process, remain proactive and engaged. Regularly communicate with the procurement team, respond promptly to queries, and seek feedback on your proposal or project. Showing enthusiasm and a genuine interest in the collaboration can make a lasting impression.


Navigating procurement approval requires dedication, technical excellence, and strategic thinking. By understanding the procurement process, aligning with company values, collaborating with colleagues, showcasing technical competence, addressing regulatory compliance, emphasising long-term benefits, and staying proactive, you position yourself for success in this competitive landscape. At SMC, we are happy to help however best for your project needs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly on or by calling +1 (386) 221-5006 or +44 (0)23 8024 6200.

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