SMC - Tomorrow's Engineers Week 2023 - Q&A with Guy Watson

Tomorrow’s Engineer Week 2023: A Q&A with our Lead Designer

Time to dive into the exciting world of engineering, innovation, and the future of technology.

Tomorrow’s Engineer Week (6-10 November 2023) is an excellent opportunity to shine a spotlight on the amazing minds and talents that drive progress in our field. It is an opportunity to help students explore the alignment of their skills and passions with the world of engineering and to shine a light on inspirational engineers and technicians, reshaping young people’s perceptions of the industry.


Throughout the week, SMC’s Lead Design Engineer Guy Watson will share his fascinating journey about how his career started, and the creativity, passion and problem-solving that goes into shaping our world of communications.


1.  Can you tell us about your journey to become an engineer? What inspired you to pursue this career path?

“As a child I always had the curiosity with taking things apart, designing and making. Be it building with LEGO, Mechano or K’nex, I was always making and learning through play alongside watching shows like Robot Wars, Scrapheap Challenge and Techno Games (BBC robot Olympics). Looking back at my interests, it was clear I would do something similar for my career. This curiosity led me to learn Engineering and keep pushing my skills in design while trying to keep up to date with interesting and new manufacturing processes, materials and methods.”


 2. What specific field of engineering do you specialise in, and what types of projects or tasks are you involved in on a day-to-day basis?

“As I am a Mechanical Design Engineer, I mainly focus on the form and function of things. I use the CAD software SolidWorks to carry out all my project design work, though I do put pen to paper at times when designing concepts. Within mechanical design, one of the most important aims is for the product to be structurally “sound”, meaning it can withstand conditions, such as applied weight. To design with this in mind, simulations and calculations are required to give me confidence it will meet the specification and confidently proceed to manufacture.

My role varies a lot as I find myself designing new products for our catalogue or customers, updating current designs to improve the function/ease of manufacturing and much more.

We are fortunate as most of our manufacturing is on site, so it is great to be able to take a manufacturing drawing down to the machinists and have it in my hands soon after.”


3.  Could you share a memorable project or accomplishment in your engineering career that you are particularly proud of?

“I was in my previous place of employment when the global pandemic, Covid-19 first hit and like most industries, ours took a massive hit in work coming in. Due to the nature of the business, we were approached to design and manufacture cost effective hospital beds for the temporary Nightingale hospital.

Due to the immediate demand, there was a tight turnaround for the whole project, however we managed to re-design our premises layout to aid the swift manufacturing and assembly of the beds, along with producing over 2000 beds for the NHS.”


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