Tomorrow’s Engineer Week 2023:  Day 2  - SMC - Antenna and Mast Specialists

Tomorrow’s Engineer Week 2023:  Day 2 with our Lead Engineer

We continue our Q&A with Guy Watson, SMC’s Lead Designer to hear about his experience of engineering.

1.   How do you stay up to date with the latest technological advancements and industry trends in engineering?

“LinkedIn is a pretty good place to keep up with what is going on in the world of Engineering. As I am connected with likeminded people, seeing links they share or their latest products start a rabbit hole of research which ends up swallowing my afternoon and gives me inspiration for the projects that I am working on.”


2.   What are the most rewarding aspects of being an engineer, and what challenges have you encountered in your work?

“The most rewarding part of being a design engineer is seeing the project/product you’ve spent time and effort on being produced and working as it should. Until that point, everything has been theoretical, so for it to work is such a relief. I would say a big challenge I have seen within my workplace is material/part sourcing.”


3.   In your opinion, what are the key technical skills or qualities that make a successful engineer?

“It really depends on the field you are interested in getting into. As a design engineer, I have always focused on my ability to use design software and understand fundamental mechanical principles. With the fundamental principles understood, transferring this understanding to problems enable a head-start when dealing with new problems.”


4.  In addition to technical skills, what soft skills do you believe are crucial for engineers, and how do they contribute to success in the field?

“Curiosity, perseverance and being a good problem solver are all key to me when it comes to being an Engineer. Curiosity will lead you to think of the solutions, perseverance will help get you through the design process when creating concepts, and prototypes through to the final design, and being able to problem solve when your prototypes don’t go to plan so you have to re-think and persevere to come up with a new solution.

When designing, I keep an open mind as influence and inspiration can come from everywhere. This goes hand in hand with the three previous points, as combined it will help produce some amazing things.”

I don’t know if you can call it a skill, but I believe being approachable is advantageous when dealing with a variety of people. In my career I have had to interact with a wide range of people from external suppliers to workshop staff, clients and managing directors.”


Tomorrow’s Engineer Week (6-10 November 2023) is an excellent opportunity to shine a spotlight on the amazing minds and talents that drive progress in our field.

It is an opportunity to help students explore the alignment of their skills and passions with the world of engineering and to shine a light on inspirational engineers and technicians, reshaping young people’s perceptions of the industry.

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