HD Series Telescopic Pneumatic Masts

The HD Range (Heavy Duty Mast) of Pneumatic Telescopic Masts is the largest, most rugged in the Hilomast portfolio.

It is designed to the highest possible specifications. These masts are used where extreme head loads need to be supported and where greater extended heights with maximum wind loading are required.

The flexibility of this range comes from using aluminium tubes that have smaller increments in diameter. This gives the masts in the range larger top sections, in turn delivering a stronger mast. These smaller increments allow the HD range to contain up to 12 sections, allowing the HD masts to reach greater extended heights from shorter retraction. It also gives more flexibility in the HD range for customer choice in the extended heights, retracted heights and head-loads.

The HD range of masts are for special applications where large or heavy headloads are required or where maximum directional stability is necessary. For example:

• Mounting video cameras fitted with telephoto lenses
• Microwave dish antennas for Electronic News Gathering/Outside Broadcast
• Direction sensitive antennas or devices
• Floodlighting, anemometers and survey equipment

The table below shows common masts in the HD range and is only a small selection of masts available. All masts in the range are modular by design – by adding sections and adjusting tube lengths. Masts can be produced to fit specific customer requirements, often with little or no increase in delivery time. Specific part numbers may change depending upon finish, colour and other options.

MastHeight Extended (m)Height retracted (m)Number of SectionsDiameter of Top Section (mm)Vertical Head Load (kg)Max Wind Speed Unguyed (kph)Sail Area (msq)

Download the technical data sheet for this product

The data sheet contains:

  Complete technical specifications, including extend heights, vertical head load weight, max wind speed tolerances, and more
  Mounting options
  List of typical applications
  Full range of accessories

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