PFC Lightweight Series

The PFC (Portable Push-Up Fibreglass Composite Mast) series of the telescopic masts have a base section diameter of 85.6mm and are operated by hand.

The mast sections are made of a fibreglass/carbon fibre sandwich that gives a very light weight, durable mast. Each section has a locking collar and dampening valves that control the speed at which the mast is lowered. The mast is designed for portable applications such as mobile communication equipment.

The PFC Mast comes with a complete guying kit consisting of:

• Top Guys (NUG/PFC)
• Base Guy (NBG/PFC**)
• Grounding Stakes (300214204)
• Ground Pegs (260223000)
• Mid Guys (NMG/PFC)

PFC 5.8PFC 7.5PFC 9PFC 12
Extended Height (m)5.847.39.0312.4
Extended Height (ft)19.223.929.640.4
Retracted Height (m)1.771.9222.1
Retracted Height (ft)
Max Vertical Load (kg)1212109
Max Vertical Load (lb)26.526.52219.8
Max Wind Guyed (kmph)12012010085
Max Wind Guyed (mph)74.674.662.152.8
Max Sail Area (cm2)1400140014001400
Max Sail Area (in2)217217217217

Download the technical data sheet for this product

The data sheet contains:

  Complete technical specifications, including extend heights, vertical head load weight, max wind speed tolerances, and more
  Mounting options
  List of typical applications
  Full range of accessories

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