Portable Dipole Antenna LW Series

The SMC LW8 series of HF portable antennas have proved to be rugged in the field of operation and yet can be used in most situations with a high degree of success. These qualities have ensured its success in a wide range of military applications from the Antarctic to the Tropics.

Since its original design, SMC have endeavoured to improve the basic unit taking advantage of the wide range of improved materials now available.

SMC have a range of purpose designed masts for use with this antenna. Details are available on request.

Variations on the standard design are manufactured to meet specific customer requirements. NATO codified versions are available.

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Frequency range3 - 30 MHz or 2 - 30 MHz with ATU as a long wire antenna
Power ratingRx - 500W average
VSWR2:1 maximum at 50 Ohms
Input impedance50 - 75 Ohms
Input connectorBNC or UHF to order
LW8 / APVC covered terylene interwoven with plaited copper braid
LW8 / KPVC covered kevlar braid with plaited copper wire
Centre junctionType SMC CCJ/2 carbon loaded ultra-violet resistant moulding
Metal fittingsStainless steel or brass
Kit bagOptional, available in a wide range of colours and sizes