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Climbing Steps

Enhance your field applications with SMC’s Climbing Steps. Our Climbing Steps are invaluable accessories that offer easy access to locking collars and antennas during field operations.

These mast climbing steps are designed to clamp onto any position of the mast’s lower section and can be conveniently folded upright for transit.

They are designed to provide safe and secure access and are typically used by technicians or maintenance workers who need to ascend or descend masts for various purposes, such as inspection, maintenance, or installation of equipment.

Safety precautions, including the use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as harnesses and helmets, are crucial when working at heights. Always follow manufacturer guidelines and industry safety standards when using mast climbing steps or any other equipment for working at elevated heights.

We offer single steps for climbing and double steps for resting, ensuring your safety and convenience during mast operations.

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