HFH4-1 – 4 x 1 kW HF Broad Band Hybrid Combiner - SMC
HFH4-1 – 4 x 1kW HF Broad Band Hybrid Combiner

HFH4-1 – 4 x 1 kW HF Broad Band Hybrid Combiner

The HFH4-1 is a powerful 4 x 1 kW Broad Band Hybrid engineered to combine four unequal frequencies spanning the 2 – 40 MHz range.

Key Features:

  • Robust Military-Grade Build: The HFH4-1 is constructed to meet full military standards, ensuring reliability and durability even in demanding frequency hopping and similar systems.
  • Frequency Range and Limitations: Capable of combining four unequal frequencies, each signal path incurs a 6 dB splitting loss. The range covered is 2 – 40 MHz.
  • ‘N’ Connectors: Equipped with ‘N’ connectors, ensuring efficient signal transmission and reliable connectivity.
  • Load Port Specifications: The load port must be terminated with 500 watt 50 ohm unbalanced loads for optimal performance.
  • Outdoor Unprotected Operation: Units are designed for outdoor unprotected operation, providing flexibility and adaptability in diverse environments.

The HFH4-1 is the ideal choice for systems requiring the combination of multiple unequal frequencies within the 2 – 40 MHz range. Delivering top-tier performance, robust construction, and exceptional reliability with this Broad Band Hybrid. Whether it’s for military applications, frequency hopping, or other systems, the HFH4-1 delivers unparalleled efficiency and adaptability. Elevate your communication setup with the HFH4-1, ensuring seamless frequency integration and powerful performance.

Frequency 2 – 40 MHz
Input Power
Balancing Loads
Splitter Loss
Insertion loss
Input Sockets
Output Sockets
Load Sockets
2 – 40 MHz
50 ohms
4 x 1 kW average
6 x 500 Watt 50 ohms
6 dB
0º +/ – ” 5º
0.5 dB (matched loads)
<1.2 : 1 max
3 : 1 max
‘N’ Sockets
‘N’ Sockets
‘N’ Sockets
>30 dB (matched loads)
Solid encapsulation natural convection
-40°C to +55°

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