Trailer Mast – Up to 30m

Trailer Mast – Up to 30m

Looking to transport masts with the highest reliability and convenience?

Crafted with galvanized steel construction and equipped with single axle cross beam suspension, these trailer masts ensure smooth transportation of masts up to 30m in length.

Key Features of our 30m Trailer Masts:

1. Overrun brake system and parking brake, providing optimal safety during transportation.
2. Lighting and reflectors meeting all legal requirements, ensuring visibility and compliance on the road.
3. Incorporates 4 telescopic outriggers, guaranteeing complete stability for secure mast transport and setup.
4. Robust construction designed for easy shipment, making the process hassle-free and efficient.
5. Equipped with a standard tilt-over mount, enabling quick and straightforward mast setup.

Experience unparalleled ease and reliability with our 30m Trailer Masts – your trusted partner for seamless mast transportation and deployment. Simplify your operations and enhance your projects with this top-of-the-line solution.

Trailer mounted

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