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SMC - Mast Vehicle bearing

Vehicle Roof Bearings

SMC’s Vehicle Roof Bearings are essential accessories for securely mounting masts through the roof of your vehicle. The assembly consists of an upper and lower aluminium bearing, designed to ensure stability and ease of use.

The upper bearing comprises three separate components: a flange with a Teflon ring, securely bolted to the vehicle’s outer skin, a tapping plate, and a weatherproof shield that clamps firmly onto the mast. This design guarantees a reliable and weather-resistant setup.

The lower bearing base plate features a Teflon disc, allowing effortless rotation of your mast, and a thumb screw for locking it into position. For our NX Series masts, an optional locking collar is available. The base plate is securely bolted to the vehicle floor using four M12 bolts spaced on a 5.5″ P.C.Dia.

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