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SMC is an innovative, quality manufacturer of specialist antennas that are built to perform in any environment. We supply specialist antennas to a wide range of markets to meet their communications and surveillance needs.

Our antennas are made from high quality’ purpose-designed components suitable for the most extreme environments. They are used by the military and defense, emergency services, television broadcasters and meteorology agencies.

What type of antenna are you looking for?

MF ‘T’ Antenna
The MF “T” Antenna is your ultimate solution for omnidirectional communication in the medium frequency (MF) bands. Designed to excel in this frequency range, the MF “T” antenna offers reliable and efficient performance.
RL100-5 – 50 ohm 10kW Resistive Load
The RL100-5 is a high-performance 50 ohm unbalanced resistive load purpose-built for the HF frequency range of 1.5 – 32MHz and is a reliable choice for outdoor unprotected operation.
Full Wave Cage Dipole
Designed with cutting-edge technology, this antenna utilises the principles of a large diameter radiating element to achieve an impressive 2:1 bandwidth for transmission and 2.5:1 bandwidth for receiving purposes.
Fan Dipole Antenna
Our Multi-Frequency (HF) Antennas are your go-to solution for cost-effective, compact, and versatile antenna coverage in the HF band.
Folded Dipole Antenna
Developed around the reliable TFDBB 200-watt antenna, this series offers various options, including higher power, economy, and banded versions, to cater to your specific needs.
“Wolf” Broadband NVIS Antenna
“WOLF” Broadband NVIS Antenna
The Wolf Terminated Folded Dipole Antenna is designed as a regional coverage antenna, intended for near and mid-range HF communications in environmental disasters and military tactical scenarios.
“Whiskey” – Broadband NVIS Antenna
“Whiskey” – Broadband NVIS Antenna
The Whiskey (US Pat. D706749), or “W” antenna is designed as a local, regional to continental (0-4000km) coverage antenna intended for High Frequency Communications.
Transportable Wide Band Antenna
Transportable Wide Band Antenna
The SMC TWB2530 is a completely integral transportable HF antenna system. Supplied with its own fibreglass telescopic mast it requires no natural objects for support purposes.
Portable Dipole Antenna LW8 Series
Portable Dipole Antenna LW Series
The SMC LW8 series of HF portable antennas have proved to be rugged in the field of operation and yet can be used in most situations with a high degree of success.
Mobile NVIS Loop Antenna
Mobile NVIS Loop Antenna
Traditional vertical whip’ antennas fitted to vehicles for high-frequency communication suffer from a ‘skip zone’, where little or no communication is obtainable in a given area.
Delta Loop Antenna (TDLS)
Delta Loop Antenna (TDLS)
The Delta Loop Antenna (TDLS) is a versatile multi-mode transportable antenna system. Using multi-functional components, the TDLS consists of two tactical dipole antennas, covering 2-12 and 12-30MHz.
Broadband – Terminated Folded Dipole
Broadband - Terminated Folded Dipole
The Broadband TFD (Terminated Folded Dipole) series of simple wide band folded dipoles has been developed for a wide range of applications and situations.
“25W Wolf” Manpack HF Antenna
‘25W Wolf’ Manpack HF Antenna
The “25W Wolf” Folded HF Dipole antenna is designed as a regional coverage HF antenna intended for near and mid-range HF communications in environmental disasters and similar scenarios. It offers a rapid deployment time for use when a fast communication set-up is essential.
Whip Antennas (WMPC)
SMC has designed and manufactured the glass reinforced polyester rod based WMPC whip antennas to be used in multi frequency mobile environments.
FWB 2530 Wide Band Dipole
The FWB 2530 is a wide band HF dipole designed with cost and versatility in mind. Ideally supported on a single 18 meter mast.
Centre Fed Dipole Antenna
SMC are specialist manufacturers of a wide range of HF communications antennas. Our worldwide experience of antenna requirements enables us to offer the most suitable antenna for customer installation together with a prompt delivery service.
RL 100-5 – 50 ohm 10 kW Resistive Load
RL 100-5 – 50 Ohm 10kW Resistive Load
The RL100-5 is a 50 ohm unbalanced resistive load designed specifically for the HF frequency range 1.5 – 32MHz.

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