Full Wave Cage Dipole - SMC
SMC - Full Wave Cage Dipole Antenna
SMC - Full Wave Cage Dipole Antenna
SMC - Full Wave Cage Dipole Antenna
SMC - Full Wave Cage Dipole Antenna
SMC - Full Wave Cage Dipole Antenna
SMC - Full Wave Cage Dipole Antenna

Full Wave Cage Dipole

The 8-Wire Full Wave Cage Dipole Antenna is your gateway to exceptional transmission and receiving performance across a broad bandwidth. Designed with cutting-edge technology, this antenna utilises the principles of a large diameter radiating element to achieve an impressive 2:1 bandwidth for transmission and 2.5:1 bandwidth for receiving purposes.

With a high characteristic impedance of 600 ohms, this antenna offers versatile feeding options. You can choose to use 600 ohm open wire line or coaxial cables with the appropriate Balun transformer, ensuring seamless integration into your existing setup.

The Full Wave Cage Quadrant, an ingenious variation, bends the full wave cage dipole at the centre to 90 degrees, resulting in an outstanding omni-directional radiating pattern in the horizontal plane. This configuration maintains the vertical pattern, bandwidth, and power rating unaffected, providing consistently superior performance.

For enhanced results, consider the option of installing Quadrant antennas in groups on a four-mast arrangement. This configuration optimizes bandwidth and efficiency, enabling the use of up to four antennas in unison, ensuring unparalleled performance.

With the 8-Wire Full Wave Cage Dipole Antenna and its versatile Quadrant variation, you can count on exceptional coverage and reliable communication across a wide range of frequencies.

Mast specification
Design length
Design frequencies available
Input impedance
Power rating
Dependent upon design frequency
1.5 – 2.5 : 1 of designed frequency
600 ohm
Better than 2 : 1
Up to 10kw

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