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Lightweight Masts

Our lightweight masts at SMC offer versatility and ease of deployment, perfect for rapid response and mobile applications. These masts are ideal for emergency services, field communications, and temporary installations, offering a balance of strength and portability. Constructed with high-quality, lightweight materials, they ensure reliable performance without the added weight.

Sectional Mast (PA2)
The PA2 Aluminium Sectional Mast Series offers a versatile solution for various applications, combining lightweight design, rapid deployment, and excellent durability to withstand even the harshest conditions.
Radiating Masts
Our radiating masts are designed to excel in transportable, portable, or permanent use, these aluminium masts offer exceptional performance and adaptability for various applications.
SWIFT Mast Series
SWIFT Mast Series
The SWIFT series of push up and telescopic pneumatic masts, featuring the innovative SMC Quick Clamp Collar, is designed to provide a lightweight and economical solution for your mast needs.
GRP Push-up Telescopic Mast Series
GRP Push-up Telescopic Mast Series
Crafted with sturdy GRP construction, this lightweight and telescopic pneumatic mast offers unparalleled strength and versatility. Whether you’re in the field or at the campsite, this mast ensures reliable performance in any situation.
TPM Push-up Telescopic Mast
TPM push-up telescopic mast
The SMC TPM Push-up Telescopic Mast is a lightweight mast has been expertly designed to cater to your specific requirements, offering both a hand-operated push-up option and a pneumatically assisted mode for added convenience.
PFC Lightweight Series
PFC Lightweight Series
The SMC PFC lightweight series of telescopic masts have a base section diameter of 85.6mm. Designed with portable applications in mind, the PFC Mast series excels in mobile communication equipment scenarios.
Trailer Mast – Up to 30m
Trailer Mast – Up to 30m
Galvanised steel construction and single axle cross beam suspension for transporting masts up to 30m.
Trailer Mast – Up to 12m
Trailer Mast - Up to 12m
This trailer mounted Telescopic mast system weighs only 450kg and can be easily towed by a small saloon car.

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