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With a wealth of experience designing product solutions, our highly experienced team is able to transfer knowledge and provide you with tried and tested designs that fulfil your requirements. We currently offer two options when it comes to the design of specialist masts and antennas: SMC Plus and SMC Custom.

For more specialist solutions we use our experience combined with technologies such as CAD software, FEA programs and 3D Prototyping to design innovative bespoke products for you.

We ensure that our designs align with your scope of requirements, cost and schedule. All of our products are made in-house in our manufacturing facilities in the UK and US.

We believe this to be the foundation of our quality standards, as well as our commitment to our BS EN ISO9001 accreditation.

Fully custom designs
SMC range alterations
3D prototyping
Rigorous testing
SMC Custom

SMC Custom

Best suited for complex projects that require consultancy and close support, SMC Custom is our completely custom mast and antenna design and manufacture service. It covers everything from design conception through to testing and manufacturer. With backgrounds in production, design and engineering, our experienced team have the knowledge and expertise to deliver effective communications systems.

SMC Plus

The best choice for when our standard range of SMC masts and antennas are close to meeting your project needs, SMC Plus is our standard product range but re-engineered to suit your requirements. We purposely design our masts and antennas to be easily altered and re-engineered, meaning often a fully custom mast or antenna design is not required as design alterations are enough. We will first suggest SMC products and then agree the changes needed to meet your criteria.

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    Unsure about which SMC product is most suitable for your needs? Contact our subject matter experts today. They will be able to advise you on the best solution and whether a custom design is required.