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Mast Servicing and Maintenance

Keep your SMC mast performing in any environment with our range of servicing options, which cover affordable service plan subscriptions, in-house service or repair options and a comprehensive range of mast service kits that allow you to easily service your mast yourself.

To ensure the longevity of your SMC mast, and to guarantee it performs as it was designed to for as long as possible, it is important to carry out essential routine maintenance, especially if being stored and used outdoors in extreme weather conditions. The frequency of maintenance is dependent on a number of key factors, such as the climate/environment and how often the mast is being used. Salt water, dust and sand can lead to dry and sticky sections, so in these conditions a more regular servicing schedule is recommended.

SMC Mast Service and Maintenance Plans

To extend the life of your SMC mast, we offer a number of mast service plans to support you with its routine maintenance every year. These affordable plans cover everything from lubrication and mast service kit subscriptions, through to full mast servicing. Choose from our Bronze, Silver or Gold Plans, which can be purchased individually, bundled together or as an ongoing servicing commitment.

SMC Self-Service Kits

We offer a full range of servicing kits covering everything from lubrication and spares, to seals and accessories. With each kit offering clear, easy-to-follow instructions, they give you the confidence and tools to maintain your SMC mast yourself and prolong its life for years to come. Our service kit range includes the following but if you are unsure which mast service kit you require, contact us.

Ultralock Service kit
SWIFT Service kit
TMP Service kit
NL Service kit
NH Service kit
NX Service kit
NK Service kit
NY Service kit
BR/HD 6” Service kit
BR/HD 9” Service kit

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