Introducing Ultralock, the world’s most versatile communications mast.

Deploy in any environment with confidence thanks to its unique tri-pin locking and one action release mechanism, increased stability and compact radius. This unique and versatile mast can handle high head loads, greater extended heights and higher winds speeds in more challenging environments.

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Easy to remotely operate and safer to use
Retract in one swift action
Suitable for mobile or fixed installation
Built to handle heavier loads and higher wind speeds
Unique tri-pin locking, designed to eliminate collar slipping
Stand tall in all environments

SMC Ultralock is our newest and most advanced pneumatic telescopic mast.

Its patented locking mechanism holds the mast in its extended position and is simply disengaged by rotating a cam ring. The mast is easily retractable by using the levers to pull on the heads of the bottom tier of locking pins causing them to disengage.

This telescoping mast can be remotely operated and is extremely portable. Operators can move it and deploy it in any environment. It can also be attached to a vehicle or trailer to provide even greater flexibility of use. 

SMC Ultralock is the ultimate pneumatic telescoping mast, designed to be deployed anywhere with complete confidence.

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