VDC 50/600 Ohm Low Power Wide Band Measuring

The Minns Baluns VDC Series are designed for precision measurement purposes where 50/600 Ohm transformation is required with low VSWR and high balance ratio.

  • Wide band operation models for
    • 20Hz – 20KHz
    • 100Hz – 200KHz
    • 50KHz – 10Mhz
    • 1.5 MHz to 32 MHz
  • 1 Watt Average
  • 2 Watts PEP
  • Fully encapsulated

All the measuring transformers are fully encapsulated within a cast aluminium case to provide a high stability product capable of withstanding the most severe environment.

Frequency Range See table below
Unbalanced Impedance50 ohms
Balanced Impedance600 ohms
Power Rating+10dBm
Insertion lossLess than 0.2 dB
VSWRSee table below
Balance ratioSee table below
Balance ConnectionM6 Insulators
Unbalanced ConnectionSee table below
Temperature range-20ºC to +55ºC
Balance Impedance (ohm)
Standard Frequency Ranges Balanced Terminals Balance Ratio VSWRBNCNUHF
20Hz – 20kHz Ceramic M6 >12dB 1.1 : 1 VDC08AVDC08BVDC08C
100Hz – 200kHz Ceramic M6 >50dB 1.1 : 1 VDC05AVDC05FVDC05G
50kHz – 10MHz Ceramic M6 >40dB 1.1 : 1 VDC06AVDC06FVDC06G
1.5MHz – 32MHz Ceramic M6 >26db 1.1 : 1 VDC02BVDC02AVDC02C