“WOLF” Broadband NVIS Antenna

The Wolf Terminated Folded Dipole Antenna is designed as a regional coverage antenna, intended for near and mid-range HF communications in environmental disasters and military tactical scenarios. The antenna can be configured as a Flat Top NVIS Antenna, Inverted “V” for medium to long ranges, or a Sloping Directional Antenna.

The complete Wolf system with optional Push Up Mast can be erected in less than 10 minutes!

Its strong NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave) capabilities allow for communications over mountainous and jungle environments. Its full 2-30 MHz spectrum broadband coverage makes it an excellent antenna for ALE operations. Reduce system costs without the need for a tuner/coupler. No radial ground plane or grounding is required, making the antenna ideal for rooftop or on the fly installations.

The “Wolf” Antenna can be purchased in tactical or permanent models.

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Frequency coverage2-60MHz
Power rating25W data and PEP
VSWRVSWR 1.5:1 typical, 3:1 maximum
Radiation PatternEssentially omnidirectional at HF
Supplied AccessoriesComplete with RG-174 coax downlead, winding spools, transportable bag and ground stakes
Overall Antenna Length25W Wolf 18.5m (60 ft approx), Wolf Pup; 9.25m (30ft approx)